Tail lamp designed as per Specification: RDSO/SPN/200/2010 Rev.2.0.The Tail lamp is to develop a portable lightweight,rugged,reliable,Maintainable and user friendly tail lamp as a last vehicle indicator and warning to train crew of approaching trains. This is for signaling purpose between Driver and Guard.



  • This Tail Lamp is a lightweight, rugged, maintainable and user friendly.
  • Each train is equipped with one LED based flashing Tail Lamp on the last vehicle of the train.
  • The Tail lamp is compatible to work with R-20 type dry cell batteries and LR-20 batteries.
  • The Tail lamp unit have the highest reliability under severe environmental conditions of operations of coaching and freight trains i.e. dust, humidity, high ambient temperature, shocks and vibrations.
  • The visibility of the tail lamp is 1.6kms along longitudinal axis and 100 m at 6-degree angular displacement from longitudinal axis.
  • The components, materials, switches, connectors, PCB and electronic components used are of Industrial grade and as per relevant Indian Standard Specification (IS).

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