Passenger Information System is there in the Ac coaches and Non-AC coaches. Passenger Information system is based on Global Positioning System for tracking the current station location of the train and time. The Information will be display on LED & LCD display Panels and the voice messages will be announced by using the Audio announcement unit upon arrival of destination or departure from station.

Passenger Information System is designed as per RDSO Specification RDSO/PE/SPEC/AC/0087-2008 (Rev. 1). This Passenger Information System is used to provide the visual and audio information about Train location, next halting station, remaining distance of next halting station, source to destination of train, late running status of the train with English, Hindi and regional languages. It is designed for Indian Railway coaches, in such way that it can be configured manually through Keypad / IR Remote for new train route.










  • Designed with 16-bit micro controller with Graphical LCD display and 32-bit micro controller with LED matrix display to provide long durability of the display.
  • Supports built in Alpha Numeric Keypad module to configure for various routes and for menu surfing.
  • It Supports Audio announcement facility.
  • Supports day night mode facility to save overall power consumption.
  • It Supports built in GPS module to get the position of the region and to calculate the KM travelled information Supports wired and wireless communication to configure for various routes.
  • Supports IR Remote facility to configure new train route within the coaches.

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