About Public Address and Passenger Information System


Public Address and Passenger Information System is designed as per RDSO Specification RDSO/CG-18001 (Rev. 1). This Public address and Passenger Information System is used to provide the visual and audio information about Train location, next halting station, remaining distance of next halting station, source to destination of train, late running status of the train, Train speed, locations of the coach and calculating kilometer run by the coach on per day/month/year basis. Public Address and Passenger Information system is based on internet services through Quad band GSM/GPRS or HSDPA/HSUPA modem and through Wi-Fi Connectivity to the base station for remote accessibility of the system and monitoring of important parameters. The Information will be display on LED & LCD display Panels and the voice messages will be announced by using the Audio announcement unit upon arrival of destination or departure from station.

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