During working on tracks, P.Way officials have to stand / walk on adjacent track, which is generally under normal traffic. Due to noise of the tools/machines used on track and concentration of workmen towards their work, they fail to see & respond to the approaching train. Hence a number of accidents are taking place due to high speed trains resulting in serious injuries and even death of the employees or contract labor. The Gang / Worksite Remote Control Hooter shall be able to warn the workmen about an approaching train. A system is therefore required which can give advance warning to the staff working on the track. Based on the requirement VGS AND TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD. developed a system called GANG / WORKSITE REMOTE CONTROL HOOTER.




  • Gang/Worksite Remote Control Hooter is a wireless based remotely operated alarm for employees working on the track.
  • The Hooter is opera table by remote control unit from a distance of 1200m.
  • The system works even if the remote switch and hooter are not in same line of collimation.
  • Lookout man standing at 1200 m from the working site shall operate the hooter by remote control unit in the event of an approaching train over the adjacent track/same track.
  • The intensity of the sound is between 105-110 dB(A) and the variation in intensity of sound is not more than 5 dB(A).
  • The system continuously monitors the health of Remote control unit and Vice versa.
  • The hooting system work normally even when any physical obstruction (like curvature of track in tunnels, cuttings, hills, vegetation etc.) occurs in between the remote control unit and the hooting unit.

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