The general lighitng inside the coaches is provided by 110V AC or 110V DC supply from battery. During extreme emergencies like derailment, accidents etc. sometimes these supply system fail, causing total darkness inside the coach. To facilitate easy exist of passenger and their immediate rescue during such emergencies, this emergency light is developed to provide illumination during failure of all other power supplies inside the coach. These Accident Safety lilghting unit (SLU) are provided in doorways and inside the coach. Which would illuminate automatically on failure of normal battery power supply. Hence relliability of Safety Light Unit is if paramount Importance.

This Safety Lighting Unit is designed as per Specification No: EDTS151,Rev-'C'


  • The Safety light switches 'on' automatically in case normal battery system of the coach fails during any unforeseen circumstances.
  • The system works in extreme dusty, foggy, and desert terrain conditions in certain areas.
  • Each emergency unit contains Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free type (SMF) Battery of 7Ah capacity.
  • In order to keep the battery in healthy condition the emergency light stops working as soon as the battery voltage reduces to 10.5V.


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